Blind time: ‘Awkward minutes? She asked if I played Pokémon Go’ | Matchmaking |

Lucy on Vik

Just what had been you hoping for?

A dreamboat. A new Paul Newman with a form heart and good sense of humour.

Initially thoughts?

A fantastic look and beautiful very long eyelashes (that i will be jealous of).

Just what do you mention?

Families, music, cooking and signature meals.

Any shameful times?

I managed to get stuck in the solution barriers at Bond Street. I really couldn’t discover my Oyster credit.

Good dining table manners?

Good. We shared dishes, but i believe I consumed the vast majority of meals. Bad Vik need been starving.

Most sensible thing about Vik?

He was very easy to communicate with together with fascinating travel myths.

Might you present him towards pals?

Yes, I’m certain he would log in to with many men and women.

Describe him in three words?

Interesting, dashing, chatty.

What exactly do you think the guy made of you?

I think he believed I found myself really hot (as with sweaty and gross: it absolutely was 33C).

Do you embark on someplace?

In order to the pipe together.

And… did you kiss?

Two kisses on the cheek – extremely continental.

Should you decide could alter the one thing in regards to the evening, what would it be?

I might have really made it 10 degrees cooler.

​Marks out-of 10?


Do you really meet once again?

As a mate. He had been eager for me to teach him some techniques from my personal street dance class.

Vik on Lucy

Exactly what had been you longing for?

Possibly a spark.

Initially thoughts?

Pretty chirpy.

Just what do you talk about?

London existence, tattoos, festivals.

Any embarrassing moments?

When she asked easily played
Pokémon Get
, that I carry out. She failed to have the hype.

Great table manners?

Greatly thus. She had been decent with chopsticks, as well.

Best thing about Lucy?

Her bird tat.

Do you introduce the woman your friends?

Probably not. I think we simply have different interests.

Describe this lady in three terms?

Lively, chatty and tiny.

Precisely what do you think she made from you?

Ideally a pleasurable chappy.

Did you embark on someplace?

I agreed to opt for a drink, but the girl travel is a little excessive therefore we labeled as it a night.

And… did you kiss?

If you count a peck in the cheek, then indeed.

Should you decide could alter the one thing what would it be?

Most likely to consume on a rooftop. It absolutely was the greatest day’s the year.

Scars of 10?


Are you willing to meet again?

I got down her number.